North-North-West Favorite Books of 2015

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The Things We Don’t Do / Andres Neuman / Nick Caistor & Lorenza Garcia, tr / Open Letter Books

Have loved all three of Neuman’s translations – Traveller of the Century, Talking to Ourselves, and this collection of short stories. Andres will be touring the West Coast in March.


Tram 83 / Fiston Mwanza Mujila / Roland Glasser, tr / Deep Vellum Publishing

Best read while listening to Cecil Taylor or Ornate Coleman. Here’s a taste of Fiston’s performance at Malvern Books.


Simone / Eduardo Lalo / David Frye, tr / University of Chicago Press

The first book in University of Chicago’s Latin American literature initiative. Forthcoming translations are Rita Indiana’s Papi and Edmundo Paz-Soldan’s Norte.


The Story of My Teeth / Valeria Luiselli / Christina MacSweeney, tr / Coffee House Press

Luiselli’s book Faces in the Crowd should have won The Best Translated Book Award. That’s all I have to say about that.


Target in the Night / Ricardo Piglia / Sergio Waisman, tr / Deep Vellum Publishing

You know how Percival Everett’s Assumption leads you along, and you think you’re reading the right take on a murder, then you find out that an alternate scenario might have taken place? Like that.


Rock, Paper, Scissors / Naja Marie Aidt / K. E. Semmel / Open Letter Books

Aide’s first novel, following the release of her short story collection Baboon (which was dark, dark, dark). Naja is also touring the West Coast in the spring of 2016.



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